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Encounter everyday life in Japan as if you were a local. Cultural, relaxing and fun!

Imagine you are walking in a rather narrow street, and your nose catches fine fragrance of roasted tea. A guide points you to an open entrance of a shop with wooden lattice windows. The shop keeper inside is standing by an old-fashioned tea roaster, and he bows a little noticing you...

Walking in Naramachi old town district is to encounter everyday life which is sometimes the most interesting. This is the place where you can realize the life today is a continuation of life past. Where you walk has accumulated the history of common people, their struggle, fun and belief for over 1300 years. At the same time, Naramachi is literally a maze like place with narrow streets and alleys. Solve this maze and take home the precious or the interesting or the yummy that you find there. Your guide has hints and clues.



Here are places commonly visited. 

small local shrines - for folktales

tea shop (Tamura Seihouen Chaho) - Usually the aroma of roasted tea entices us into the shop. The over 180 year-old wooden building is also charming.

Gangoji Temple - from outside only. Its original precinct is where we call Naramachi today.

herbal medicine shop (Kikuoka) - a long-established pharmacy dealing in Chinese medicine .

traditional townhouses - There are city-owned traditional townhouses where you can take off your shoes and explore inside.

Naramachi Museum - a small museum for the luck charms that you will see often in Naramachi.

sweet shop (Satoden) - The shop has been in business since 1854. Rice syrup sold at the store is a healthy substitute for sugar. Enjoy nostalgic Japanese taste.

sake shop (Imanishi Seibei) - Sake brewery brewing right in Naramachi.  Add their sake tasting (500 yen) to your list of enjoyment.

... and more. (It is impossible to list all the places in the town in here!)

*Which places to visit differs from day to day depending on which shop and facilities are open or closed on the day of the tour. Many shops in this area are closed on Mondays.

Walkability: Naramachi area is mostly flat and easy to walk around. 


from 3/1 - 11/30!

*Reservation is required. (Min. 2 adults)

*Between 12/1 to the end of February, please book a private tour.
*We can accept your reservation until 6 p.m. of the day before the tour date.



At 2:30 p.m.

In front of Nara Visitor Center & Inn

Duration: approx. 2 hours


Adult: 2,000 yen

Child 6-12: Free

Child 0-5: Free

Would you like to try locally brewed Sake?
For an additional fee, you can try Sake-tasting at a local Sake brewery after or during the tour.

Sake-tasting (500 yen/person)

*Sake-tasting may not be available on some days such as Obon holiday in August, New Year holiday in January, and irregular shop holidays.