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Be amazed by the world's biggest and oldest wooden structures! Historical, academic, marvelous and amazing!

Standing since the 7th century, Horyuji Temple is the world's oldest wooden structure and the first Japanese Cultural Heritage designated by UNESCO.  In the tour you can see world’s valuable cultural assets or historical structures, sculptures, arts and crafts and others from the 7th century, while observing changes in style, material and/or technique in the course of time. Then the tour is like walking through history on foot as long as 1300 years as time-travelers.

For the biggest, you visit Todaiji Temple. It is the temple with the world’s largest wooden structure originally built in the 8th century. The temple is also famous for its Great Buddha statue, the world’s largest bronze Buddha statue made by the order of an emperor wishing for peace and prosperity of the nation and its people.

In both temples, be amazed not only at the high level of construction techniques and craftsmanship but also at the fact both the largest and the oldest have been inherited to us up to the present through vast passage of time. Join the tour and feel the strength and power of natural wood even stronger than reinforced concrete!

The tour takes approx. 6.5 hours. 



☑ Horyuji Temple *World Heritage Site / Oldest wooden structure

☑ Todaiji Temple *World Heritage Site / Biggest wooden structure

☑ Nara Park and Deer!


Walkability: Places visited are flat grounds and easy to walk around; however since the tour duration is 6.5 hours, comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

You can choose the meeting place: The tour starts from JR Nara Station or JR Horyuji Station. You can choose whichever station you like for your convenience. 


from 3/1 - 11/30!

*Reservation is required. (Min. 2 people)

*Between 12/1 to the end of February, please book a private tour.



At 10:00 a.m.

in front of the ticket gate at JR Nara Station


At 10:30 a.m.

in front of Tourist Information Center at JR Horyuji Station

Duration: approx 6.5 hours


10,000 yen per/person


☑ Admission to the Great Buddha Hall (500 yen)
☑ Horyuji Entrance Fee (1,500 yen)
☑ Transportation Fees

Free for children 12 and under with parents.
*Admission fee/transportation fee is required.