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Get more fun in the park by listening to interesting and amusing stories. Popular, historical and fun!

The tour starts near Todaiji Temple where Great Buddha is enshrined. Walking route is not fixed so that you can see the must-sees of that day! - beautiful cherry blossoms, autumn foliage or local events and traditions. You are sure to see charming deer during the tour too. Learn how to have deer bow hello in Japanese style from our guides before you feed them. You experience Nara with us as you walk and visit World Heritage temples and shrine, Todaiji Temple, Kasuga Grand Shrine and Kofukuji Temple.

Our guides will tell you history, fun facts, and folktales. We have so much we wish to share, but at the same time we love to hear your questions! "I was always wondering. Why are shrines always red?" "Wow, how could people make such a big statue (Great Buddha) in the olden time?" "What's the difference between Buddhism and Shinto?" Learn and make your stay in Nara not only memorable but also meaningful!


Nara Park and Deer

Todaiji Temple  *World Heritage Site / Great Buddha statue

Kofukuji Temple *World Heritage Site

Kasuga Grand Shrine *World Heritage Site

… and more!

They are also the recommended places for first timers to visit.


Walkability: Good walking shoes are recommended. There are some walking upwards involved. The tour duration is about 3 hours.

If you are taking strollers: Please be noted that footpaths in Kasuga Grand Shrine are not paved. Small pebbles fill paths near the main shrine. We will try to take the route that is easy for strollers but you will need a little more push than usual.


Every day
from 3/1 - 11/30!

*Between 12/1 to the end of February, please book a private tour.
You can also reserve your spot in advance. We can accept your reservation until 6 p.m. of the day before the tour date.



At 10:00 a.m. 

In front of the ticket gates at JR Nara Station

*JR Nara Station only has central ticket gates. Just come out, and find a NaraWalk guide with a white flag!

Duration: approx. 3 hours


Adult: 3,000 yen

Child 6-12: 1,000 yen

Child 0-5: Free


☑Admission to the Great Buddha Hall (600 yen/ 300 yen)

☑One bus ride (210 yen/ 110 yen)