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Enjoying a relaxing country atmosphere and learn from two contrasting temples! Historical, instructive, relaxing and fascinating!

In this tour you visit less touristy and quiet Nishinokyo area. It is the place that attracts people with its unique fascinations. One fascination lies in the interestingly contrasting buildings of the two temples Yakushiji Temple and Toshodaiji Temple. The comparison gives you deep insight into architectural history and Japanese faith in Buddhism. Another fascination is in the exceptional calmness and serenity of the compound of Toshodaiji Temple environed by restful lush greenery. Its peaceful and solemn atmosphere is so awe-inspiring that it surpasses description. In addition, for a sculpture fan, 7th century statues you see in Yakushiji Temple must be a perfect fascination.

The tour is educational as well. You can realize the foreign influences on 8th century Japan via Silk Road by inspecting the convincing artifacts and others preserved there. Listening to the information given to you by our guides, you are sure to enjoy a pleasant stroll in the compound of both temples. Our guides also know how to close their mouths for you so you can converse with centuries old masterpiece statues or take a moment of peace or pictures.

The tour takes approx. 3 hours. Guests on this tour are usually second or third time visitors. According to them, they like these temples better than major temples crowded with tourists. Visit them before you are “templed out”. 



☑ Toshodaiji Temple - holds the original 8th century building and statues.

☑ Yakushiji Temple  - enshrines the masterpiece 7th century statues.

☑ Heijyokyo Palace Site (from a train window) 

All the above are World Heritage Sites.



Walkability: The places we go are mostly flat grounds and easy to walk around.

After the tour food experience: We stop at Yamato-Saidaiji station for a transfer. Inside the station you can find popular Japanese fast food such as Taiyaki and Takoyaki, ready-made traditional Japanese food, Nara’s local food such as Kakinoha-sushi and Nara pickles, and even a Sake bar run by a local brewery in Nara. After the tour is over, you will transfer here again, so you may enjoy the food experience on your own. The Sake bar opens at 16:00 just about time when we finish the tour.



from 3/1 - 11/30!

*Reservation is required. (Min. 2 people)

*Between 12/1 to the end of February, please book a private tour.



At 1:30 p.m.

In front of Tourist Information Center in Kintetsu Nara Station.

*Information center is on the ground floor. Kintetsu Nara Station's ticket gates are on B1 floor.

Duration: approx. 3 hours


6,000 yen/person.

☑ Admission to Yakushiji Temple (800~1100 yen)
☑ Admission to Toshodaiji Temple (600 yen)
☑ Train fare from meeting place to the destination (one-way)

Free for children 12 and under with parents.

*Admission fee and transportation fee are required.